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After my so called friends, my family had unceremoniously dropped me like a stone I did a lot of things. Actually, not really. I drank. A lot. It's amazing what you can get delivered at your door. Not only take out meals. Though, I've used a lot of those as well. When I remembered to eat. Which wasn't often, eating still hurt a lot. There are times I wished Justine's knife went just a little deeper, a little more to the side. Then all of this would be over, this nightmare would be over.

Yes, speaking of Justine.

She and I had a nice, long talk. She threw insults, I threw some punches. Really, I'm beyond caring about the fact that one shouldn't hit a woman. I hit her and I hit her hard. She hit back of course. But I managed to...persuade her. She told me a lot of things. A lot of facts none of the others had bothered to inform me about. Such as the fact that Connor was back.

Then she told me, rather proudly, that Connor and herself had sunk Angel to the bottom of the ocean. After I persuaded her some more she told me where they had done so approximately. I gave her some wise words of advice, among other things. Then I told her to get her arse out of town or the next time we met I'd not be so nice. I think she took my advice. I've not seen or heard from her and her little merry band of vampire slayer want to be's since then.

So, Angel is the bottom of the ocean. No doubt talking with the fish. I wonder if he finally is getting a conversation that goes with is intelligence level. Oh that was mean. It really was. And I really don't give a damn. The vampire tried to kill me. While I lay helpless, nearly dying, in a hospital bed. That takes such courage. Bravo Angel. Yes, I understand why he did it. And part of me wished he had succeeded with it. Part of me wanted to die. Still does I guess.

Now I've the information I needed. Angel is conversing with the fish. No doubt going slowly insane, without food. Do I share this with the rest of AI? Why bother, they don't even want to talk to me let alone see me. Do I go out and look for the git myself? Again, why bother. He'd be after my hide the minute I haul him out of the ocean. But still, I owe him at least that much. A chance. And the bloody world needs a...champion. How I've come to loath that word. Champion. Nothing but lies.

Sitting on the sofa, my trusty bottle of whiskey in one hand, I go over my choices. Taking a large gulp from the bottle, why bother with glasses really, I sigh. I've no choice. The world needs a...hero. Which, well let's face it. Is not this failure of a human being. And I do owe him.

"Time to go fishing I guess."
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